Tesla CEO Elon Musk has given us our first look at the upcoming Model 3, whereby an early release candidate is seen driving off in a brief video uploaded to his official Twitter page.

At first glance, the car appears nearly identical to what was shown in the past but upon closer inspection, the prototype’s front end certainly appears sharper and less stubby compared to the pre-alpha prototype unveiled in April 2016. Also visible are cameras that are part of the car’s Autopilot sensor suite.

Aside from the video, Musk also tweeted that a performance version of the Model 3 with dual motors and all-wheel drive will also be offered in the future, along with a right-hand drive version.

As for the interior, the Tesla CEO has confirmed that the Model 3 will not come with a conventional instrument cluster nor a head-up display. Instead, a large centre display will not only show drivers their current speed, but also provide access to the car’s other functions. According to Musk, “you won’t care” if the car doesn’t have such familiar items in the cabin.

This interesting user interface is designed with self-driving in mind, with Musk replying to a tweet addressed to him: “The more autonomous a car is, the less dash info you need. How often do you look at the instrument panel when being driven in a taxi?”

However, with limited production of the Model 3 set to take place later in July, it remains to be seen if the required software for the levels of autonomy touted by Musk will be ready in time (pending government regulations). The company is gradually introducing software updates to the cars fitted with Autopilot 2.0 hardware, the latest being Autopilot 8.1.