Rapid Rail, the operator of the KL Monorail, has reaffirmed its position over its decision to ground its four-car train sets last week due to safety reasons, with its CEO Datuk Zohari Sulaiman stating that the move was made in the interest of public safety, according to a Bernama report.

He said that while trainset supplier Scomi has recognised the deficiencies in the health of the four-car monorail trains and has proposed a list of necessary modifications, the work has not been carried out diligently or with urgency, resulting in continued safety risks the need to remove the trains from service.

He explained that as of May 25, Scomi has identified and registered 26 modifications that need to be carried out on the four-car monorail trains. Of the modifications, 13 have been identified as safety-critical and need to be carried out before Rapid Rail can return the four-car trains into service.

Zohari said that the safety-critical modifications cover various components of the four-car monorail trains and are essential to ensure the four-car monorail trains operate at the best condition possible.


“Despite the declaration from Scomi that the four-car monorail trains are fit for operations, as a responsible, professional and experienced urban rail operator, Rapid Rail will not put public safety at risk,” he said.

“The immediate priority of Rapid Rail is to ensure Scomi, which has acknowledged the need to carry out various modifications on the four-car monorail trains, step up its effort to carry out the modifications diligently and urgently so that the trains can be re-certified and redeployed for service at the earliest opportunity in the interest of the public,” he said.

“No party is more important than the public, and no element is more paramount than the uncompromised safety of our customers and members of the public,” he added.

Following the suspension of the four-car trains, only two-car trainsets have been operating, with a frequency of eight minutes in between service. To reduce congestion, the monorail is supported by special shuttle services provided by Rapid KL, plying between key monorail stations during morning and evening peak hours on weekdays.