Rapid Rail, operator of the KL Monorail, said today that it has grounded its fleet of four-car train sets due to safety reasons.

“We have no choice but to ground the four-car train sets on safety reasons; after having identified a few areas of safety risks posed by the train sets that had been handed over to us by our supplier, Scomi,” said Rapid Rail CEO Datuk Zohari Sulaiman in a media statement.

“Rapid Rail briefed SPAD; being the authority on matters in regard to public transport. SPAD concurred with our findings. Hence, in the interest of passengers’ safety, we directed for the entire four-car train sets to be re-examined by the train supplier; and for Scomi to make the necessary rectifications,” he added.

This development means that the monorail service will continue operations with its current six sets of two-car trains, and the frequency is eight minutes. To reduce congestion, the monorail is supported by special shuttle services provided by Rapid KL, plying between key monorail stations during morning and evening peak hours on weekdays.

“If necessary, especially with the upcoming Hari Raya spending spree, we are ready to consider to extent this shuttle bus services to provide services during weekends as well,” Zohari said.

“The current challenges that they are currently facing are unprecedented as we had never expected for the four-car trains to be grounded and providing services purely using six set of two-car trains. In fact, if we truly go back to our actual KL Monorail Fleet Expansion Project (KLMFEP), we should be having 12 new four-car trains already in service. But, until today, we are still waiting for six more four-car trains to be delivered to us,” Zohari explained, while apologising on behalf of Rapid Rail’s front-liners, who have had to entertain more enquiries than usual.

The Rapid Rail boss said that the company will provide refund coupons to those who have entered the ticketing gates, but decide to not board the train, in cases of delays of over 15 minutes. For this – applicable to LRT, MRT or Monorail – passengers just need to go to the counter and approach the staff.