Tesla delivering ahead of schedule? Not many would have bet on that, but the first Tesla Model 3 cars are set to be delivered this month, and production will start this week. This was revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter.

“Model 3 passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule,” Musk tweeted, adding that the first one is expected to be finished on Friday. There will be a “handover party” for the first 30 customers late this month, and Tesla plans to produce 100 Model 3 units in August, 1,500 in September and 20,000 in December, the EV maker’s boss revealed.

The Tesla Model 3 order books have been opened for more than a year now, and the backlog should be rather big by now – days after Tesla started accepting orders, more than 300,000 people put down $1,000 deposits to have their name on the queue.

Tesla hasn’t updated the booking count, but Musk said last month that “there are more and more deposits every week.” But at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in June, Musk did say that one who puts in an order then probably wouldn’t get their Model 3 before the end of 2018.

The $35k electric car has been spotted testing, and the Model 3’s vital stats are in the open – the range is around 346 km vs 400-539 km for the Model S, 0-96 km/h time is 5.6 seconds vs up to 2.3 seconds for the Model S P100D, and cargo capacity is smaller too (396 vs 850 litres). Model 3 owners will not benefit from unlimited Supercharging use – it’s pay-per-use for the entry model.