We’ve heard so much about it and for so long, but production of the Tesla Model 3 is yet to start. Tesla’s most affordable model is still undergoing testing as we type, and there have been plenty of on-road sightings. Most of those have been of the EV’s exterior, but here’s the best view yet of the Model 3’s dashboard.

These pics were shot by Thomas Preisler from the Tesla Model 3 Facebook group, and it shows a silver Model 3 on test in California. If this is it, when it surfaces, the Model 3’s dashboard is set to be the most minimalist of any car on sale.

There’s a steering wheel and a large screen, and that’s it. A full-width slot serves as air con vents, and there’s some wood trim to break the monotony. Dual cupholders in the centre console too, that’s very important. No traditional instrument panel.

These pics match earlier ones that weren’t so clear, and also the recent official-looking comparo chart between the Model S and Model 3 – that document says that the smaller car will have a single 15-inch centre touchscreen.

Also revealed last week was the Model 3’s range (around 346 km vs 400-539 km for the Model S), 0-96 km/h time (5.6 seconds vs up to 2.3 seconds for the Model S P100D) and cargo capacity (396 vs 850 litres). Model 3 owners will not benefit from unlimited Supercharging use – it’s pay-per-use for the cheaper EV.

Of course, things might change before production starts, but this should be close to the finalised car, if it’s not it. The production Model 3 is expected to be unveiled in July. What do you think of this radical dashboard?