During the Future Mobility Days event in Germany, Volkswagen unveiled the Gen.E research vehicle, which serves as a testbed for the brand’s electrification plans.

In terms of styling, the Gen.E certainly looks like a futuristic three-door Golf, with a sculpted body, raked rear window, cameras replacing side mirrors, and slim headlights. The prototype also features C-shaped light signature and a low-mounted camera, the latter likely to support any autonomous driving functions.

Other interesting details are the gullwing doors and flushed door handles, which should make the car more aerodynamically efficient. However, despite its flashy exterior, the interior appears to be rather conventional based on what we can see. In any case, could this possibly be a preview for the next generation Golf? We’ll have to wait and see.

Volkswagen revealed the Gen.E “provides an insight into the next generation of automobiles for efficient long-distance mobility with a range of more than 400 km.” As seen in one of the photos, the concept comes with a front-mounted charging socket, likely compatible with three phase chargers at fast-charging DC public stations.

The carmaker didn’t say much about the concept’s electric powertrain, merely describing the battery pack as having “advanced lithium-ion cells” that supplies power to an “optimised” electric motor. However, it did say that mobile charging robots are being developed to be used in underground garages to “connect up the automobile for recharging.”

Additionally, the car will be built on a lightweight architecture that has been “designed for maximum crash safety.” This could point towards Volkswagen’s Modular Electrification Toolkit (MEB), which was featured on several I.D. concepts previously.