Aftermarket head units with Apple CarPlay compatibility are getting more and more popular, as car owners are looking to add such functionality in vehicles that did not originally come with the feature. Like most built-in systems, however, users are required to plug in their iPhones in order for CarPlay to work, so while the user experience might feel as future forward as Cupertino promised, the connection process certainly doesn’t.

Alpine is offering a solution with the iLX-107, the first aftermarket in-dash receiver to feature wireless Apple CarPlay. The Japanese company is actually the second after BMW to allow the feature to be available over the air, enabling drivers to make and receive calls, access text messages, play music and get directions without having to have their phones tethered to the dashboard.

Headline feature aside, the iLX-107 also has a seven-inch WVGA-resolution capacitive touchscreen, three two-volt pre-outs, an auxiliary jack and a rear view camera system input. The privilege of cutting Lightning cables isn’t cheap, however, as the system retails at US$900 (RM3,860) in the United States.