Our spy photographers have managed to spot prototypes of the 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class again, this time wearing less camouflage than before. These photos give us a much better view of the revised styling found on the W176 replacement, which is sharper in appearance than before.

The slimmer headlights from previous sightings continue to be present here, flanking what appears to be a diamond radiator grille. Also on display is the reshaped bumper, which results in a longer and flatter nose compared to the A-wing found on current A-Class.

Down the sides, the side mirrors are placed further away from the A-pillar, and we can see the car is slightly longer and wider as well. The 2018 A-Class will reportedly ride on Mercedes-Benz’s next-generation front wheel drive platform called Modular Front Architecture 2 (MFA2), contributing to its revised dimensions.

As for the rear, the taillights are wider and slimmer than on the W176, and they are also two-piece units. This is likely to allow for a more sizeable aperture into the rear boot space.

No shots of the red car’s interior, but other test mules have revealed a total overhaul that includes cues found in newer Mercedes-Benz models. For instance, there’s a widescreen cockpit (a la W213 E-Class) and steering wheel design similar to the new W222 S-Class.