The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) vehicle sales data for the month of September 2017 saw 40,981 units being delivered, down by 10,739 units from that shifted in August (51,720 units). According to the association, the 20.8% drop in sales was due to a short working month in September and a more stringent vetting process in hire purchase loan approvals.

Only a few brands registered a climb in sales compared to the previous month, as a break down of who sold what in September reveals. The top five players – Perodua (-22.9%), Honda (-18.8%), Proton (-30.3%) and Toyota (-23.9%) and Nissan (-15.6%) – all recorded a dip, as did the likes of Mercedes-Benz (-21.8%), Ford (-24.2%), Mitsubishi (-40.2%), Peugeot (-40.9%) and Renault (-62.5%).

No change with Audi and MINI, both brands selling exactly the same number as they did in August. The few gainers were led by BMW, which registered a 9.5% increase in volume compared to August, enough for it to pip Mercedes in the sales rankings for September.

Volkswagen also saw increased sales (up by 9.8%), with promos continuing to boost sales for the brand. Finally, Subaru had the biggest percentage jump of all the brands, up by 46.7%.

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