The Audi R8 V10 Spyder made a surprise appearance last weekend at the Mines Resort and Golf Club, in conjunction with Audi Malaysia’s quattro cup (golfing event) and Drive Weekend event. The display unit was of the regular V10 variant (not the V10 plus) and was brought in from Audi Sport Singapore.

Presently, Audi’s rival to the Mercedes-AMG GT has yet to go on sale in Malaysia, although it has been teased before nearly two years ago. To recap, the R8 can only be had with a naturally-aspirated V10 – there won’t be a force-fed downsized mill – and in two states of tune: 540 hp/540 Nm for the standard V10 and 610 hp/560 Nm for the hotter V10 plus.

Both variants get paired with the same seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission, enabling a century sprint time of 3.5 seconds for the V10 (3.6 seconds for the Spyder) and 3.2 seconds for the V10 plus (3.3 seconds for the Spyder). Standard here is the company’s signature quattro all-wheel drive system, with 85% of the power typically sent to the rear wheels. This ratio varies depending on traction, though.

The first-generation Audi R8 5.2 TFSI quattro was sold for RM1,245,900 (OTR before insurance), which makes for a decent ballpark figure for its successor. For the money, which super coupe would you pick, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.