BMW is going big with electrification for its future, and has already revealed details of its e-mobility roadmap and upcoming technologies. Recently, Harald Krüger, chairman of the board of management of BMW, provided further insight into the company’s plans for 2018 and beyond.

Firstly, there’s the ongoing “X-offensive,” where the company’s sports activity vehicle (SAV) models are an integral part of its model line-up, with a third of sales being X models.

“The segment is growing in all major global regions. That is why I call 2018 the year of the “X”! The cool X2 in the compact segment and the X7 in the luxury class are great examples. The new X3 is entering its first full year. And the new X4 will be launching shortly,” he said in an official statement.

Electrification will also make its way into other BMW X models, with an all-electric version of the X3 set to launch in 2020. The company’s current crop of electrified SAVs include the plug-in hybrid X5 and long-wheelbase X1 (for China).

On the mention of electrification, Krüger revealed all electrified BMW models will be under the BMW i brand going forward. He also disclosed the company has already secured the appropriate naming rights for BMW i and BMW X in preparation.

“Our i story enters the next round! Going forward, all electrified BMW models will be under the BMW i brand. And I can tell you one more thing: we have not only secured the naming rights for BMW i – from i1 to i9. We also hold the rights for BMW X – from iX1 to iX9,” said Krüger.

The company previously stated that by 2025, it would introduce 25 new electrified models (including 12 fully-electric cars). “We do not include so-called mild hybrids in this number,” explained Krüger. Confirmed models as part of this roadmap include an all-electric MINI in 2019, what is likely the iX3 in 2020, and the iNEXT in 2021.