A second teaser for the Ford Ranger Raptor has been released, which now focuses on one of the drive modes that will be available on the “ultimate performance off-road truck.”

In the 16-second clip, we are introduced to the Ranger Raptor’s Baja mode followed by plenty of sliding around in the dirt. Prior to the switch, we also get to see the truck’s multi-info instrument display screen, where Sport mode is also listed, available only when the four-wheel drive system is in 2H.

Four other drive modes are also shown, although their exact names aren’t provided for now. More importantly, the redline marker on the tachometer (about 4,500 rpm) to the left of the display, highly suggests a turbodiesel engine will be used in the Ranger Raptor.

The Australian-market Ranger is available with two Duratorq turbodiesel engine options from the Puma family – 3.2 litre and 2.2 litre – the smaller of the two offering 158 hp and 385 Nm. The 3.2 litre unit meanwhile, serves up 197 hp and 470 Nm, and could be uprated for Raptor duty.

There’s also the possibility that Ford’s 2.0 litre EcoBlue mill will be used, with the Panther unit progressively replacing the Puma oil burner. Should that be the case, the Ranger Raptor will be the first to debut the engine in the region. Outputs are claimed to go as high as 240 PS, and the engine is said to deliver 20% more torque from as low as 1,250 rpm compared to the Puma 2.2 litre.