Statistics have revealed that the Volkswagen Golf is set to end 2017 as the best-selling car model in Europe. As of November, the Mk7 Golf – which was facelifted last year – was a clear number one in units sold, with 445,206 units sold in the first 11 months of the year, its position uncatchable by the second-placed model on the list, the Renault Clio (298,990 units).

This and other statistics were revealed by automotive business intelligence firm Jato Dynamics in its November 2017 stats set. It showed that despite market uncertainty brought about by a turbulent year, sales on the Continent for the first 11 months have shown a 3.8% increase in car registrations compared to 2016, with 14.43 million units registered over the period.

Much of the growth was brought about SUVs – the report indicates that consumers are really getting into the type, with registrations swelling by 21.6% to almost 400,000 units. According to JATO, SUVs now make up 31.9% of the overall market, an increase from the 27.6% recorded during the same period last year.

The report added that the climb in demand for SUVs will continue to grow, and the expected increase in this area will take market share away from more traditional segments, including MPVs.

With only one more month of sales left to count, it looks like the positions revealed in the November stat set should be pretty much fixed as the 2017 results. Volkswagen tops the list of top selling brands, with 1,567,748 units sold up to November, well ahead of Renault (1,040,268) and Ford (977,322).

Here’s the list of the top 10 best-selling models in Europe up to the first 11 months of the year: