The turn of the new year marked the start of Euro 5 diesel and Euro 4 petrol sales in Vietnam, sold by the Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation (Petrolimex). The latest fuel variants in the country will be sold alongside the company’s other unleaded fuel products, including Euro 3 RON 95 petrol and Euro 2 diesel.

In Vietnam, RON 95 Euro 3 and Euro 4 are priced at 19,280 dong (RM3.32) and 19,480 dong (RM3.36) respectively, while RON 92 E5 biofuel is priced at 18,240 dong (RM3.14). In Vietnam, RON 92 E5 biofuel replaced the RON 92 fuel without a biofuel component on December 15 as part of the government’s effort to boost consumption of the E5-blend RON 92 fuel, and to reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels.

The E5 biofuel blend is supplied by Petrolimex and PetroVietnam Oil Corporation, as quoted by VietNamNet. Vietnam’s new fuel regulations come ahead the Euro 4 standard required of diesel vehicles from this year. In Malaysia, BHPetrol kicked off the Euro 5 diesel proceedings with a limited introduction at the end of 2014, while BHPetrol and Petronas brought Euro 4M RON 97 petrol in September 2015.

As for Euro 4 RON 95 petrol in Malaysia, the lower-sulphur content grade of fuel will arrive in October this year. A brief recap – a ‘Euro’ rating on fuels isn’t the same as the emissions standards commonly written about, but rather a different set of standards for fuels which allow vehicles with appropriate emissions control equipment to meet the emissions standards they were designed for.