BMW Malaysia has posted up a teaser image on social media, and it’s the unmistakable silhouette of the 8 Series, with the caption “22.02.2018 Kuala Lumpur City Centre”.

At the same time, the premium brand also issued a press release on a “one of a kind fascination programme to focus on desirability, exclusive experiences and progressive luxury,” which will be held on February 22 as well.

On that date, “BMW Malaysia will be sharing its vision of luxury with the city of Kuala Lumpur. The experience will bring an emotionality defined by inspirational aesthetics as well as the joy of driving with the experience of freedom and self-determined individuality,” the company said, promising more info in the coming days.

Now, back to the main reason of this post – that 8 Series. The big GT – which revives the ‘8’ badge and replaces the 6 Series – is yet to be launched globally. Is good ol’ KL going to host the Eight’s world debut?

We doubt so, although we would be very happy to be wrong in this case. Very. BMW Malaysia could be displaying the stunning Concept 8 Series that surfaced in May 2017 at the event – the image above is the exact same one used by BMW AG to tease the concept car last year.

In any case, the production BMW 8 Series is set to debut soon. Munich released an official video of the big two-door testing last week, and the clip shows the RWD coupe sliding around and sounding fantastic. There will be an M8 road car and an M8 GTE race car as well.

GALLERY: BMW Concept 8 Series