The same-same design approach used by Mercedes-Benz for the W205 C-Class, W213 E-Class and W222 S-Class is a non-issue to customers, it seems. According to Gorden Wagener, Daimler’s head of design, the strategy is deliberate, and it’s working well for the company, he told Australian publication CarAdvice.

After the launch of the new A-Class, Wagener admitted that the trio of sedans are “very homogenous” and added that it was a “very conscious decision, very successful decision, but outside [those models] we play a lot with different things.”

W213 E-Class (left), W222 S-Class (right)

When asked whether the company received any negative feedback about the similarities between the C-, E- and S-Class models, Wagener said “no, no. Only a few journalists mentioned our three limousines are too close to each other, but the customer loves it. You look at our numbers, I think we’re doing quite good in the moment, yeah.”

During our Meet and Greet session, Mercedes-Benz’s “Russian doll” design approach was brought up several times by our readers. Watch the video below to see what they think of the new E 350 e. In the meantime, are you a fan of what the tri-star is doing with its core sedan models? Share with us your thoughts below.