It isn’t uncommon for carmakers to benchmark their cars against other competitor products to see how they stack up against them. Mazda is no exception to this, and has held BMW as a benchmark for some time, seeing how both brands share similar philosophies in creating engaging driving machines (or ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ in the case of the German marque).

However, many things have changed over the past few years, so has Mazda decide to review what it considers to be a good benchmark? Well, the folks from AutoGuide posed such a question to a Mazda engineer while trying out the company’s latest SkyActiv-X engine technology, and the answer is yes.

Apparently, Mazda isn’t very encouraged by BMW’s “new” approach to vehicle dynamics, and has now swapped for a new yardstick. The vehicle in question? Try the new Toyota Camry. Yes, the big T’s well-known nameplate that some would call uninspiring to drive is now Mazda’s inspiration for driving joy.

“If the Camry sold so well before when it was so boring to drive, they now actually have a good handling car on their hands,” said the Mazda engineer. It’s certainly high praise for Toyota that their sedan is more of a concern compared to a BMW. This is considering Mazda is a company with a history of making exciting cars. Of course, time changes everything, and Mazda may seek a new benchmark later on.