VIDEO: F90 BMW M5 fitted with M Performance Parts

If you’ve ever felt the F90 BMW M5 is a little too boring to look at, there’s a wide range of M Performance Parts to remedy this “shortcoming.” To give you some idea what a fully-kitted up M5 looks like on the move, the carmaker has released a new video of exactly that.

Carbon-fibre is the primary material for most of these components, and is used for the front splitter, front grille, side Air Breathers, exterior mirror caps, side skirts, rear diffuser, bootlid spoiler and even for the engine compartment. Customers can also specify the motorsport-inspired stripes to further improve the car’s visual presence.

The catalogue also includes several wheel choices, along with M Performance suspension and brake systems. A popular option will likely be the M Performance exhaust system, which is well demonstrated in the video.

Moving inside, there’s a new carbon-fibre steering wheel with Alcantara grip areas along with carbon-fibre shift paddles and gear shift lever cover. More M goodies come in the form of floor mats, a new key wallet and LED logo projector.

For the diehard track day enthusiast, there’s an M Performance Drive Analyser for recording and evaluating all important vehicle dynamics data. With a smartphone app, you’ll be able to analyse engine data, speed and peak values, engaged gear, use of accelerator pedal and brakes as well as lateral acceleration.

If that isn’t enough, the M Performance Parts range will have a Trackfix action camera holder, which can be mounted in the threaded bush of the towing lug either at the front or rear end of the vehicle. With that option ticked, you’ll be able to record your time on the track, and relive the moments later.

For the curious, the M5 MotoGP Safety Car is here sharing some screen time with the road-going car, because it too comes with a selection of M Performance Parts. However, unlike a regular F90, it gets a few special modifications like a different front splitter and bonnet latches.

GALLERY: F90 BMW M5 with M Performance Parts

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  • The core reason on why you buy a BMW 5 series, the M5. The M models make all the normal, boring BMW vehicle lineup vehicles completely irrelevant.
    Its exactly the same with Mercedes AMG and Audi RS models. You would be a fool to buy the normal models when money was never an issue.

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    • Dumbdumb on Feb 13, 2018 at 9:24 pm

      Soo.. what does it have to do with the m performance parts fitted to an m model car? Sorry, I’m trying to make sense about the relations between your comment and the article ._.

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    • stastasta on Feb 14, 2018 at 5:18 pm

      even if money was never an issue, You would be a fool to buy the M models if comfort is a priority. you think the stock 20 inch wheels will give you comfort ride ? and you cannot downgrade the wheel size because then the big brakes wont fit.

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  • timmy on Feb 14, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    Bro jo, absolutely true but some readers here might be offended by your comments. Once the person is financially secure for many more years ahead and happens to love cars and BMWs, buy the ultimate models straightaway like me who owns the F10 M5 model. Maintenance is not cheap BTW for many Malaysians.
    No more discrimination and worries of looking stupid on the road with wannabe bodykits from AhBeng shops at Sunway and comparing different specs top to bottom. Just buy the ultimate official BMW M model. Case closed. LOL.
    Same case with Mercedes AMG models and AUDI RS models compared to the boring and sad looking base models.

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