Shell has introduced Euro 5 diesel in Sarawak with the launch of its FuelSave Diesel Euro 5, which is now available at stations in Bintulu. The fuel will then be rolled out to other major cities in the state, including Miri, Kuching and Sibu.

“We are proud to announce the availability of our Shell FuelSave Diesel Euro 5 in Sarawak. Here at Shell, our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are on a mission to make their life’s journeys better. Hence, we are bringing our best diesel fuel to Sarawak that will give our customers one less worry on the road and help them leave happier for their journey ahead,” said Shairan Huzani Husain, managing director of Shell Timur.

Shell FuelSave Diesel Euro 5 is formulated with Dynaflex to clean and protect key fuel system components, such as fuel injectors, from build ups that may reduce engine’s performance. The fuel also contains less than 10 mg/kg of sulphur, making it suitable for modern diesel engines that require low-sulphur diesel fuel.

With the launch of FuelSave Diesel Euro 5 in Sarawak, Shell now offers Euro 5 fuel in both East Malaysian states, with Sabah being the first to receive it since February last year. Shell is also the first petrol retailer to introduce Euro 5 diesel in East Malaysia.