In late January this year, McLaren unveiled the new MSO X, a limited-production model based on the 570S. Commissioned by McLaren Newport Beach for 10 affluent individuals, all examples were gathered together for a client delivery event, which was well documented.

The MSO X is heavily inspired by the 570S GT4, and gains quite a number of components to transform it into a “race car for the road.” The add-ons include a large rear wing, carbon-fibre roof scoop, front dive planes, a titanium sports exhaust system, Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres and new bonnet.

There’s function to accompany the new form, with the rear wing generating up to 100 kg of extra downforce. Those bonnet vents also work together with the wing and to direct air towards the snorkel. Certain existing components have also been replaced with carbon-fibre ones to help reduce weight.

Like the exterior, the interior showcases carbon-fibre with minimal restraint, as seen on the monocoque, seats, sill plates and bulkhead. The centre tunnel storage bin is also removed to lighten the car further, and you get plenty of racing-esque equipment – telemetry and camera suite, plus a six-point racing harnesses with a colour-coded harness bar.

We’ve already seen cars #8 and #10 during the initial reveal, but the attached video lets us see the remaining cars as they meet their new owners. The cars are then let loose on a track, before going out onto public roads and for their individual photo shoots.

GALLERY: McLaren MSO X cars #8 and #10