Supercar maker Pagani has confirmed to Argentinian television company El Tres that it is currently working on a fully electric model. Company chief Horacio Pagani told the TV station that Pagani will still offer internal combustion-engined cars until customer demand drops off, Autocar reports.

A separate report by news site Autodato states that Pagani is also developing a successor to the Huayra, which will continue to be powered by a twin-turbocharged petrol V12 engine built by Mercedes-AMG. This will remain petrol-only, rather than following the trend of hybrid electric drive.

This second model will also reintroduce the manual gearbox, which will join the automated single-clutch manual unit which equipped the Huayra at its debut in 2011. This is due to customer demand for manual transmissions, says Pagani.

Elsewhere, Porsche has also brought back the manual gearbox in select higher-end models due to customer demand, such as the facelifted 991 GT3 and the manual-only GT3 Touring Package, where previously the pre-facelift GT3 was PDK-only. Pagani also dismissed the idea of autonomous driving tech in his cars, saying that the supercars are ‘toys’ that its owners will drive only when they want to.

The advent of the electric Pagani model will also mark the first time the company produces more than one model at a time. Competition is expected from high-end makes such as Rimac, along with hypercars from more mainstream manufacturers as the automotive industry increasingly adopts electric power in place of internal combustion.

Pagani has also introduced a restoration service for its earliest models such as the Zonda C12, and also follows in the footsteps of of luxury makes such as Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and McLaren in offering bespoke options for customers to further grow their cars’ individuality.

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