In an attempt to address the issue of motorcycle hooligans, otherwise known as mat rempit, the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry has proposed lowering the minimum age for obtaining a motorcycle license to 15 or 14 years of age from the present 16. This recommendation also includes plans to curb basikal lajak or modified bicycles ridden by youth.

Requirements will be imposed on the license, with riders limited to using motorcycles within housing areas and riding hours limited to between 7 am and 8 pm and the establishment of a special school syllabus on road rules and safety.

“Besides that, the ministry also plans to set up a special circuit for motorcycle racing to unearth new talent among the young people, as well as enabling them to engage in healthy activities,” said deputy minister Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun in a Bernama report.

The issue of motorcycle hooliganism has prevailed despite measures by the authorities to clamp down on such dangerous activities. Azizah said the recommendations came about during roundtable discussions on Children and Teenagers Social Issue held on March 22, and forwarded to the Dewan Negara.

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