Saharudin Busri’s work has graced the pages of this website numerous times in the past. The head of design at the national research and development centre for information and communication technology, MIMOS, has released several design proposals for future Proton vehicles over the past two years, and his latest comes in the form of a stretched version of the Perdana, called the Executive.

If you look at the elongated Perdana limousine currently used by caretaker prime minister Najib Tun Razak, you’d notice that the middle section features an awkward step in the rising beltline and shoulder line, as the car still uses the standard rear doors of the eighth-generation Honda Accord on which it is based.

The solution, according to Saharudin, is to simply use new, longer rear doors as seen on Proton’s original Executive models, giving the car a sleeker, more progressive beltline and shoulder line. The six-window design of the standard Perdana has been retained, but with the rake of the rear door edge reversed.

Saharudin has also given the car a major makeover, with a new front end featuring trapezoidal headlights with Y-shaped daytime running light, as well as a hexagonal grille that gives the car a look reminiscent of the latest Opel/Vauxhall Insignia. Along the side, the L-shaped chrome strip brings to mind the G12 BMW 7 Series, and you’ll also find new fender vents that are still very much in vogue.

The tail lights also get a trapezoidal shape – it’s a design very similar to the Geely Bo Rui, albeit with a red strip connecting the lamps instead of a chrome trim piece. Meanwhile, the number plate recess has been moved up from the bumper to the bootlid, and the body-coloured diffuser and fake twin “tailpipes” have been banished for classier contrasting items.

The standard Perdana is already a very handsome car – painted-over diffuser and faux exhausts aside, of course – so we’re kinda on the fence on these updates. What about you? What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments section after the jump, and you can also view some of Saharudin’s past work below.

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