Ferrari and McLaren are two household Formula 1 names that have made the jump to building road-tearing supercars, and now Brabham Automotive is looking to join them as well. The new carmaker – founded by the son of the legendary Sir Jack Brabham, David Brabham – has finally revealed its first product, the BT62.

Announced as a limited-edition track-only model in the vein of the Aston Martin Vulcan and McLaren’s GTR models, the BT62 features a sleek and low-slung carbon fibre body outfitted with an array of scoops, splitters and a massive rear wing and diffuser. The company says that the car generates over 1,200 kg of downforce – more than what McLaren claims for its Senna GTR, and plenty for a car with a dry weight of just 972 kg.

Pushing along what little weight there is is a 5.4 litre V8. Naturally aspirated it may be, but it is still capable of producing 710 PS and 667 Nm of torque, resulting in a power-to-weight ratio of 730 PS per tonne. Drive is sent to the rear wheels through a rear-mounted race-spec transmission.

Inside, the BT62 features a full roll cage, racing bucket seats, a fully digital driver display and an F1-inspired steering wheel filled with buttons and switches to control a range of vehicle functions. Other bits of kit include Michelin slick tyres and six-piston brake callipers all around clamping carbon-carbon discs – the latter is a Brabham F1 innovation from 1976, incidentally, and one that is still used in the sport today.

Production at Brabham’s Adelaide plant will be limited to just 70 units – celebrating the seventy years have past since Sir Jack started his racing career – with the first 35 units featuring liveries inspired by each F1 machine that the man claimed his victories in.

The price, if you must know, is a heady £1 million (RM5.35 million) before local taxes, and includes a driver development programme that will enable owners to exploit the potential of their cars to the fullest. Deliveries are expected to kick off later this year.