Vehicle sales in the country dipped last month compared to that achieved in April – a total of 42,983 units were registered in May, and the total was 4,106 units, or 9% less, than the previous month.

The slow movement was attributed to the government’s announcement to set the goods and services tax (GST) rate at 0% in mid-May, resulting in customers holding back on their purchase due to uncertainty.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how most brands performed in May. There were not many gainers, but market leader Perodua (+10.2%), Honda (+4.4%), Proton (+2.3%) and Nissan (+29.8%) were brands that showed positive movement. Based on Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) figures, Perodua’s share of the market 51.1% for May, and its closest competitor was Honda, which had 18.7% of the pie.

Notably, with last month’s numbers, national automaker Proton is now back in third spot in terms of year-to-date numbers, edging in front of Toyota – Proton’s market share is just under 10%. Elsewhere, Kia was also one of those ending up with a green arrow, though the gain was marginal, by just one unit more than that it managed in April.

Meanwhile, brands that saw a decline in sales were Toyota (-63.3%), Mazda (-45.3%), Ford (-45.9%), Mitsubishi (-59.2%), Subaru (-53.9%), Volkswagen (-68.2%), Hyundai (-56.9%) and Peugeot (-56.2%).

As expected with the 0% GST announcement, sales of premium vehicles went out the window in May, with Mercedes-Benz (-26.5%), BMW (-40%), Mini (-36.4%), Volvo (-78.2%), Audi (-86.4%) and Lexus (-92.5%) all recording a slump in numbers. Jaguar ended May having shifted zero cars, from nine the previous month.

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