With the new Toyota Camry slowly rolling out across the globe, it’s only a matter of time before the eighth-generation D-segment sedan makes its way to our region. That may come sooner rather than later, as the car has been spotted in Thailand ahead of its official debut.

This photo comes from Thai motoring portal Chobrod, which claims to have obtained the photos from Facebook users. Although the photo is fairly low in resolution, it’s clear that the ASEAN Camry will be identical to the one sold in other countries, moving away from the previous two-look strategy.

That means that the new sedan will have a much more dynamic look, with a gaping maw of a grille, slim headlights and a sweeping roofline. It’s not clear if the ASEAN market will get the even more aggressive “sport” look, as is offered in Australia (models sold Down Under are now built in Japan).

The Australian-market Camry, with an identical exterior design

For now, it’s unclear what will power the Camry in the region, whether it’s the 206 hp/253 Nm 2.5 litre Dynamic Force direct-injected engine available in the US, or the outgoing 167 PS/199 Nm 2.0 litre (also with direct injection) and 178 hp/235 Nm 2.5 litre mills – the latter is also offered in Australia.

A Camry Hybrid is also expected later on – that one uses a 176 hp/221 Nm version of the 2.5 litre Dynamic Force engine, paired to a 118 hp/202 Nm pair of electric motors to produce a total system output of 214 hp. Whether this version will make it to our shores, however, is anyone’s guess.

GALLERY: 2019 Toyota Camry in Australia