Founder of Swedish supercar company Christian von Koenigsegg was taken aback by the latest Tesla Roadster‘s accelerative capabilities, according to Top Gear. The American firm’s second-generation electric sports car has been claimed by the company to be capable of the 0-96 km/h run in just 1.9 seconds, a feat that has sort of sent Koenigsegg and his team of engineer back to their workspaces.

“We kind of had our future mapped out, and then we heard about the new Tesla Roadster and its insane acceleration numbers, and we thought ‘damn that’s put the gauntlet down’. Sure, it must be very heavy, but that kind of acceleration? That’s frustrating,” Koenigsegg said.

Koenigsegg and his team of engineers came up with some ideas in the couple of days following following the bombastic stats that came with the Tesla Roadster’s unveiling, with a new take on the collection of technologies the Swedish supercar company currently employs.

The Regera uses a direct drive transmission in place of a conventional gearbox.

“The simplest way of putting it is like this: it’s combining direct drive, with the hybridisation we have in a different format with freevalve engine technology, in a peculiar layout,” the supercar maker’s founder said. They’ve found a ‘wild’ solution for further improving acceleration, he says, though without describing it entirely.

“For example, if we ignore fuel consumption for a moment, we have a fairly high compression ratio for our turbo V8 – 9.5:1 with 1.6 bar of boost. If we drop that compression ratio to 8.8:1, we could boost to 2.2 bar, which is another 600 bhp just like that, without putting more stress on your engine because your peak pressure doesn’t go up. And, it would only consume about 5% more fuel,” Koenigsegg said.

This should translate into a 0-400 km/h acceleration time of 14 seconds, he noted, leaving ‘black marks all the way (to 400 km/h)’. The Koenigsegg Regera with direct drive transmission does 400 km/h in under 20 seconds, and while the Bugatti Chiron does 420 km/h, the prospect of a Koenigsegg spinning its wheels all the way to 400 km/h makes the French hypercar sound tame, doesn’t it?

GALLERY: Koenigsegg Regera