Koenigsegg’s sister company, FreeValve, will be showcasing its camless engine technology in a live debut at the Guangzhou Motor Show, where a FreeValve-equipped Qoros 3 hatchback will drive on to the stage. The 1.6 litre, port injected, turbocharged engine is rated at 230 hp and 320 Nm, representing a 47% gain in power and 45% more torque, with 15% better fuel economy.

To recap, FreeValve is an electronically-controlled system which operates the engine’s valves via pneumatic actuators, doing away with traditional camshafts and rockers. Along with the aforementioned output and efficiency gains, the setup also weighs a claimed 20 kg less than an equivalent traditional valvegear setup, and also makes for more compact engine dimensions, some 50 mm less in height and 70 mm in depth than a conventional equivalent.

The system also allows each valve to open or close individually via springs or air pressure, allowing for better control over the combustion process; cylinders can also be shut down this way for cylinder deactivation. “This move closer to mass production of FreeValve technology is also a first baby step towards the promise of important reductions in CO2 emissions,” said FreeValve chairman Christian von Koenigsegg.

With FreeValve technology, engines can do without parts components such as the throttle body, camshaft, cam drive, timing gear and cover, wastegate, pre-catalytic converter systems and direct injection systems, according to the company.