Proton’s Aftersales Service Competition 2018 (PASC) has finally come to an end. The competition drew 189 participants from all over the country, and today’s closing ceremony saw six winners earn their share of prizes worth RM50,000, which includes cash as well as a trip to Geely Holdings’ headquarters in China.

The PASC is a platform that is designed for aftersales personnels to showcase their skills and knowledge, and is a competition that is open to all Proton service technicians and mechanics nationwide. The goal is to enhance the quality of Proton’s aftersales service and to bring it on par with global standards.

The finalists were required to complete three tasks, namely Campro engine overhaul, engine management system and car body electric system. Through these tasks, they were each evaluated based on their troubleshooting skills and competency. Prior to the finals, each participant was required to dismantle and assemble a Proton VVT engine within a specific time frame and according to standard procedure.

Proton’s CEO Li Chunrong said, “this competition is part of our continuous effort to enhance the skills of our technicians to serve our customers better and also to reward those who show exceptional ability.” All six winners will visit Geely Holdings HQ to observe the entire inner workings, from designing to development of a complete vehicle, he added.

Li also said, “with the launch of the Proton X70 by the end of the year, we have to make sure our aftersales service personnel are well-trained and capable of handling the new model and meet the demands of our customers.”

“The quality of products and services are equally important to ensure customer satisfaction, which is why we need a high level of customer service to retain existing customers, while at the same time attracting new ones. We are enhancing our services through a holistic approach to ensure our outlets, people and products are meeting the standards we set,” he explained.