Mercedes-Benz has released what should be the final teaser of the second-generation Mercedes-Benz CLA, which is set to debut at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2019 at Las Vegas on January 8. It’ll be a day later for us, which means Wednesday.

The CLA is of course the four-door coupe version of the A-Class hatchback, which moved into the second-generation W177 in February 2018. Since then, Mercedes has revealed an A-Class Sedan (V177) and a long-wheelbase “L” version of the booted car for China (Z177). There’s also the roomier W247 B-Class that surfaced in October.

The CLA will be the fifth car to share the W177’s Modular Front Architecture (MFA2) platform, and there will be more – chief design officer Gorden Wagener was quoted as saying that there will be at least eight models in this compact range. The GLA and GLB SUVs are on the way, which leaves one vacancy. The original CLA had a shooting brake bodystyle, and test mules for the new one have been recently spotted, so that’s it.

The CLA will be sufficiently differentiated from the A-Class Sedan, especially at the rear

Anyway, with the A-Class Sedan in place, the CLA has to be sufficiently differentiated as a four-door coupe, especially since the V177 is quite sleek itself. Based on what we can see so far, the designers have succeeded – expect a junior CLS in shape and details.

Also, the face isn’t lifted 100% from the A-Class; there are shapelier headlamps, for one. It’ll be easy to mark out a CLA from the rear – the long tail lamps that cut deep into the curved boot is the marque’s standard look for its coupes (whether actual, four-door or SUV); while the license plate location is on the bumper, as opposed to between the lights on the A-Class Sedan.

The car seen here sports an Edition badge and appears to have orange highlights. This could hint at a launch OrangeArt Edition, which Mercedes has used before for the previous generation CLA and GLE Coupe. Prior to this, the carmaker released a teaser video of the new CLA’s cabin and “Interior Assistant” function. Expect the A’s Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system and screen-filled layout.

With so many bodystyles, surely there’s a compact Mercedes for every taste? No real coupe, though.

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