Last week, works minister Baru Bian said that based on statistics revealed by the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA), more than 10,000 accident cases in the country were due to the use of retreaded tyres on heavy vehicles and lorries every year.

Now, the Tyre Retreading Manufacturers Association of Malaysia (TRMAM) has described that statement as being unfair, Bernama reports. Its president Chin Hon Meng said this was because products from companies under TRMAM are compliant with standards that have been set, and these companies were accredited with MS 224:2005 certification as stipulated by the road transport department (JPJ).

He added that the mandatory product certification for retreaded tyres was also gazetted by the government in November 2007. “The certification, whereby the tyres are put through endurance and performance tests, is in compliance with the MS 1394:2017 standards and equivalent to the European commercial vehicle tyres standards (ECE R109),” Chin said.

“All the negative comments on retreaded tyres are being made without objective and technical knowledge, hence blaming all defective trucks and bus tyre failures to retreaded tyres is unreasonable,” he said, offering the view that many other factors, such as under-inflation of tyres, speeding and uneven roads could lead to such accidents.

He said that retreaded tyres were being used worldwide, including in the United States, Europe and Japan, and some tyre distributors have contracted qualified retreading tyre factories to produce tyres for them.
“This is happening worldwide. If the retreaded tyres are not safe, do you think they will want to appoint and to sell these tyres under their name?” he said