As seen in the pages of its brochures, the new Perodua Aruz SUV has been awarded the full five star rating by ASEAN NCAP in the latest crash safety test. However, it’s worth noting that the actual vehicle tested was the Toyota Rush 1.5 G (Indonesian spec), and there are slight variations in the results as well.

To start, both the Aruz and Rush fared identically in the adult occupant protection, scoring 43.25 points (based on the latest 2017-2020 testing protocol). In the frontal and side impact crash simulation, the dummy driver’s head scored full points with good protection, although in real life there’s a possibility for the chest and leg to sustain injuries. This is normal.

For child occupant protection, the Aruz scored 21.01 points, which is marginally lower than the Rush’s 21.33 points. According to the test report, the only variation between the two in the crash test is the compatibility of child restraint system (by brand) in the second row. Two brands – Combi Malgott and Britax KidFix XP – failed the second row crash test, although Combi Malgott seemed to fare the worst.

The Aruz did considerably better in the safety assist assessment, scoring 22.22 points – that’s quite a bit higher than the Rush’s 19.44 points. The scoreline shift is essentially affected by the Aruz’s Advanced Driver Assist System (ASA 2.0). However, the Rush tested by ASEAN NCAP was destined for Indonesia, which loses out on the Pre-Collision System (this is identical to ASA 2.0). Otherwise, their scores would be identical.

A statement by ASEAN NCAP reads: “The new Perodua SUV is based from the Toyota Rush model, which had received ASEAN NCAP rating in May 2018. Therefore, based on the documentation provided by Perodua, ASEAN NCAP has extended the Toyota Rush’s rating to Perodua Aruz.”

“In the scoring break down, the Perodua SUV obtained most of the points the Rush had achieved, with an exception of two assessment items; Child Restraint System installation assessment at 8.19 points and Advanced Safety Assist Technologies with 2.00 points. The Perodua Aruz has the same specifications as the Toyota Rush, namely standard six airbags, Electronic Stability Control, Seatbelt Reminder System for both front and rear occupants, ISOFIX and top tether.”

“Additionally, the SUV also offers Autonomous Emergencency Braking and Forward Collision Warning in the model. With the impressive total score of 86.49 points, the Perodua Aruz is eligible for 5-Star ASEAN NCAP rating.”

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