Where navigation apps are concerned, do you prefer using Google Maps or Waze? If you fall in the former camp, you may be glad to know that Google Maps is starting to display speed limits during navigation, albeit only for the United States for now, and only in select areas at that.

Previously, the Google Maps speed limit feature was seen to be working in the San Fransisco Bay Area, California and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil back in 2017, though now Android Police has received tips that the feature is working in three further locations in the United States, namely New York City, Los Angeles and Minnesota. These will now appear as a speed posting in the bottom left corner of the screen, and will also provide audible warnings approaching fixed speed traps.

Users of Google-owned Waze will note that the latter has provided speed limit information as well as speed trap warnings – as well as mobile and hidden speed cameras – to its users for a long time, though the key difference between Waze and Google Maps is that Waze gains its information through crowdsourcing, which enables much quicker updating of information such as for road conditions, traffic and hazards.

Might we see this rolled out for Malaysian users? Time will tell, and one can hope; after all, we have been the most prolific users of sister app Waze in 2017.