At last year’s Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS18), Perodua unveiled the X-Concept as a design study for a compact hatchback. Touted as “The Perodua of Tomorrow,” the show car features futuristic styling that is matched with modern connectivity.

While the national carmaker did not reveal if a new model based on the concept would be made, some believe that the X-Concept is a preview for the next-generation Axia, which is well into its fifth year.

Should that be the case, these renders may serve as an indicator of what an all-new Axia might look like. Examining the renders closely, the “new Axia” retains the overall shape of the concept, albeit with significant revisions to its design.

Up front, the upper grille and lower intake does without the X motif, and adopt a more conventional appearance instead. In terms of the former, you can see hints of the Aruz, with a multi-slat grille whereby the centre bar that hosts the Perodua logo is thicker.

That chrome piece leads into the sleek headlamps, which feature black trim just below the clusters to better frame the grille. Meanwhile, the concaved sections at the corners of the bumper accommodate the front fog lamps, themselves with black surrounds.

Along the sides, there’s a set of wheels from the latest Alza, and you’ll also noticed the updated paint scheme. Rather than the three-colour look on the concept (black roof, white C-pillars and red body), there’s only two colours here, with a red body and a black C-pillar to retain the “floating roof.” Other details include door handles and side mirrors from the Aruz, while the lower black trim piece between the wheels are carried over from the concept.

It should be noted that the X-Concept measures 3,750 mm long by 1,665 mm wide, with a 2,460 mm wheelbase, placing it squarely between the Axia (3,640 mm long, 1,620 mm wide, 2,455 mm wheelbase) and Myvi (3,895 mm long, 1,735 mm wide, 2,500 mm wheelbase). As the X-Concept’s designer revealed previously, this package size is for a global compact car that fits in the A-segment.

We’re sure many of you will have your own opinions on what you see before you; so voice them out in the comments below.

GALLERY: Perodua X-Concept at KLIMS18