Perodua has unveiled the X-Concept, its headlining display at the KL International Motor Show (KLIMS) 2018. Billed as “The Perodua of Tomorrow” the showcar touts connectivity, besides showing off a neat and futuristic design.

The five-door hatchback is roughly the size of today’s Myvi, but appears slightly longer and lower. Perodua says that it’s spacious enough to accommodate day-to-day activities, but compact enough to manoeuvre in dense urban spaces. It does look SUV-ish, and is the “X” in the name hinting at a small crossover? P2 says that the “X” stands for stability, dynamism and advanced technology, though.

The X-Concept wears typical showcar jewellery such as suicide doors, huge wheels, tiny wing mirrors and flush door handles. It comes in red-black two-tone paint, and the C-pillars are painted white for a floating roof effect. The side profile is more sculpted than your usual Perodua, and is slightly pinched in the middle.

The front end has a dominant “X” theme, and the main design protagonists are the low-set LED headlamps – which are incorporated into oversized “side intakes” – and the full-width grille, which sport a big P2 emblem and an “X” motif. The latter repeats the X-Concept’s model logo. Perodua says that the showcar fuses sharp angles with “subtle design elements”.

The connectivity part is explained as having things like maps, e-mails, appointments and weather or flight times available to the driver. The dashboard is built on the “rolling tablet” concept. iPad? Yes indeed – the iPad Pro is there for a generation of motorists “accustomed to tapping and swiping,” Perodua says.

Neater and more mature than P2’s previous concept efforts, we think. Like what you see?