In the lead up to the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Honda has released another image of its upcoming electric vehicle prototype. This time, we’re shown the actual interior of the yet-unnamed model, which does provide some extra information.

There’s clear inspiration from the Urban EV Concept that Honda revealed in 2017, most notably the full-width display on the dashboard. Much like the concept, side cameras are used here, although the screens linked to them are mounted right beside the primary display rather than on the doors.

Looking at other parts of the interior, we can see a two-spoke steering wheel with controls for the infotainment system and driver assist systems (adaptive cruise control). At the end of the wiper control stalk, there looks to be a button to engage the car’s around-view monitor.

Moving on to the switchgear on the wood-esque trim, there is a volume control knob, along with buttons to toggle audio on/off, screen brightness and access the home screen. The final two buttons on the left remain a mystery, although one of them somewhat resembles the NFC icon.

Below that, there are the car’s air vents, engine start button and switchgear for the climate control system. There also appears to be quite a number of power outlets further down, with the centre one being able to deliver 1,500 watts (AC 230 V).

Moving away from the physical controls, the wide display appears to be divided into three sections, and you interact with it via touch. The ‘EV Menu’ shown here lists a number of features like pre-conditioning and the setting of charging schedules and limits.

Among the individual buttons to access other menus, we see that the car will come with a personal assistant, smartphone connectivity and a selection of apps through connected services.

While we’re inclined to believe the EV prototype is an early production version of the Urban EV Concept, we’ll have to wait for the Geneva Motor Show to see what’s what.