Perodua launched the Aruz just a month ago, with two variants – 1.5X (RM72,900) and 1.5 Advance (RM77,900) – being offered for the seven-seat SUV. The proverbial question on the minds of most people is, “how much does it cost to run the Aruz?” We’re here to answer that question, and as a comparison, we’ll compare the maintenance costs of the Aruz against another popular budget seven-seater, the Honda BR-V.

Before we proceed further, it should be noted that the BR-V’s price tag starts at RM80,989 for the base E variant, while the top-spec V goes for RM87,701 (retail prices mentioned here are on-the-road without insurance). The price gap between both models is between RM8,000 to RM9,800, and while both come with a five-year warranty, only the BR-V gets unlimited mileage (150,000 km for the Aruz).

Based on data gathered from both carmakers’ websites, the service costs associated with each model is the same regardless of variant choice. Over a five-year period, we discovered that the Aruz is just over RM1,000 more expensive to run compared to the BR-V – RM4,044.59 against RM3,014.12.

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Combing through the details, the Aruz has a higher (overall) running cost compared to the BR-V because of a few noteworthy items. These include more frequent brake fluid refills (every 20,000 km compared to every 60,000 km for the BR-V) and air filter replacements (every 20,000 km compared to every 30,000 km for the BR-V).

Furthermore, Perodua recommends carrying out tyre alignment, balancing and rotation every 20,000 km at a cost of RM60 each time (totals up to RM300 over 100,000 km), which isn’t listed in the BR-V’s maintenance schedule. The Aruz, being a rear-wheel drive car, requires rear differential oil on top of the usual automatic transmission fluid

However, the lubricants required for both the Aruz’s four-speed automatic transmission and rear differential, inclusive of gaskets, is still cheaper than the maintenance required for the BR-V’s CVT – service intervals at 40,000 km for both.

Perodua Aruz service costs (left), Honda BR-V service costs (right); Click to enlarge

Other observations include more frequent spark plug changes for the Aruz (every 50,000 km) compared to the BR-V’s iridium spark plug replacement at 100,000 km. Coolant top-ups are also required for the Aruz every 40,000 km, while it is only upon inspection for the BR-V across 100,000 km.

Items not listed are tyres, and with 17-inch (215/60 tyres) ones on the Aruz, replacing rubbers on the Perodua is likely more costly compared to the BR-V, which comes only with 16-inch alloys (195/60 tyres).

Keep in mind that these figures are based on what is listed on manufacturers’ websites at the time of writing, and that actual prices may vary. Furthermore, these prices are subject to change, especially as Honda is currently offering a 15% discount on parts. Our previous comparison of service costs involved the Proton X70 and Honda CR-V, which you can check out here.