Carlos Ghosn has finally walked out of jail, after spending approximately 108 days behind bars since his surprise arrest on November 19, 2018. The former Nissan CEO left the Tokyo Detention Centre yesterday evening surrounded by guards.

Reports say he was seen leaving the centre wearing a blue cap and sunglasses, as well as a surgical mask and a worker’s vest with orange safety stripes, presumably in an attempt to avoid being seen by the media. He was promptly ushered into a small Suzuki and driven off to an unknown location.

The Brazilian-born Frenchman left was required to post bail of one billion yen (RM36.8 million), and he was also forced to hand over his passport to his lawyers. According to The Asahi Shimbun, Ghosn can only reside in his Tokyo residence, complete with newly-installed CCTVs to monitor his movements, as well as visitors’.

For the time being, Ghosn is also barred from sending emails on his phone, and he is only allowed access to a computer at his lawyers’ offices. Internet access has also been disabled at his residence. Additionally, Ghosn is not allowed to communicate with people involved in his case, including former Nissan board member Greg Kelly who allegedly masterminded the crime.

The granting of bail rarely happens in Japan, it seems, and Ghosn has already had two previous bail applications rejected. Since then, he fired his previous legal team (headed by Motonari Otsuru) and hired Junichiro Hironaka, a lawyer famous for getting acquittals for high-profile defendants. Even with the best talents on his side, the odds may be against him – Japanese prosecutors are said to have a success rate of 99%.

To recap, Ghosn has been accused of under-reporting his income, using Nissan to shoulder personal investment losses, and other acts of financial misconducts. Of course, Ghosn denies the charges levelled against him. Court proceedings won’t begin till June, his lawyer said.