Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has issued a statement regarding the pricing of battery replacements for its E 300 BlueTEC and S 400 h hybrid models. This is in response to a recent photo of an invoice for a battery replacement involving an E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid that went viral on social media, in which it was shown that the cost of the battery was over RM120,000.

The company has announced that the new recommended retail price is RM50,000 for a E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid replacement battery and RM65,000 for a S 400 h Hybrid replacement battery. With the public announcement of a Hybrid Battery Extended Warranty programme that extends coverage for the hybrid battery for an extra four years, existing owners are unlikely to pay for a battery replacement, although the warranty itself is not free, costing RM2,688 to ensure the unit gets the extra coverage.

In September 2018, the company came out with the extended warranty programme for owners of the E 300 BlueTec Hybrid (and later, to include the S 400 h), essentially adding on to that covered by the car’s standard four year (or 2+2 year) warranty, bringing it up to eight years or 180,000 km, whichever comes first.

When first announced last year, the Hybrid Battery Extended Warranty provided 100% coverage for the fifth and sxith year of the vehicle registration, 75% coverage for the seventh year, and 50% coverage for the eighth year for the repair or replacement of the hybrid battery.

The Hybrid Battery Extended Warranty programme has now been updated to provide 100% coverage for the repair or replacement of the hybrid battery for the entire eight-year/180,000 km duration.

There are specific terms and conditions that must be met in order to receive this coverage once the extended warranty agreement has been signed, with one of them being “the vehicle must be continued to be only fully serviced and maintained by a Mercedes-Benz authorised dealer/service center in accordance with the manufacturer specifications during the extended warranty period.”

Additionally, the extended warranty only applies to the repair or replacement of the hybrid battery should it fail due to a defect such as defective material(s) or workmanship. Regular wear and reduction of battery capacity is not covered under the warranty.

The terms and conditions also stipulates that “in the event of a repair or replacement, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia may, at its own discretion, either replace or repair the defective part,” and is not responsible to compensate the owner for the loss of use of the vehicle, transportation costs when the vehicle is being repaired.

As previously noted, the company’s plug-in hybrid models like the C 350 e and E 350 e are not covered under this programme, as they have a separate six-year/100,000 km warranty for the battery.