Google Maps has recently improved its incident reporting function by allowing users to report slowdowns causing traffic jams, according to 9to5Google. Earlier this year, it was reported that Google Maps users were given options to report both speed traps and crashes along their route.

This improved functionality is similar to what is already available with Waze (owned by Google), and should allow Google Maps to potentially gather more accurate data quickly before any incidents are displayed on the interface.

Before this, Google Maps traffic jam reporting relied on data pulled from drivers that use the app in order to tell if there’s an issue on a particular road. Gathering information this way is a relatively slow process, and some of you may have experienced instances of false reporting during your drive while using Google Maps.

Unfortunately, the rollout of this feature appears to taking place in stages, with the United States and the United Kingdom being among the first to benefit from it. Only time will tell if our part of the world will get the same update as well.