Porsche will be the third Volkswagen Group brand to pay a fine as punishment for lapses in supervisory duties which allowed the company to cheat diesel emissions tests. According to Reuters, German prosecutors imposed a 535 million euro fine on the sportscar-maker.

Prosecutors in Stuttgart, Porsche’s home city, said yesterday that the 911 maker’s development department had neglected its legal obligations, which ultimately led to the sale of diesel cars that spewed excessive pollution.

The authorities said Porsche did not appeal. Porsche confirmed the fine and said that prosecutors’ proceedings against the company had come to an end. However, this “settlement” does not hinder ongoing proceedings against individual Porsche personnel in relation to diesel emissions manipulation, the prosecutors said.

This fine for Porsche follows a one billion euro penalty imposed against Volkswagen in Braunschweig for management lapses, and a fine of 800 million euros against Audi by Munich prosecutors last year. The VW Group’s systematic emissions cheating was revealed by US authorities in September 2015. The scandal, popularly known as Dieselgate, has cost the group 30 billion euros in penalties and fines.

It’s not just the VW Group though – fellow German brand BMW has paid an emissions fine and one for Daimler might be on the way.