We’ve taken a pretty deep dive into the 2019 Nissan X-Trail facelift so far, with a spec-by-spec comparison, walk-around of the top three variants, a drag race as well as a look into the Nissan Intelligent Mobility suite of safety systems. Here, we explore the capabilities of the Nissan Connect system which features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to support iOS and Android mobile devices.

Here, watch as our man Jonathan Lee takes us through the functions of the infotainment unit across both mobile operating systems. Of note is CarPlay’s ability to summon Siri for making phone calls or to compose messages on a variety of apps, which is a boon for safety on the road.

The drawback of using Apple CarPlay is that it currently disallows the simultaneous use of navigation and music playback, as selecting one after another will bring the infotainment unit back to its home screen. This however should be rectified with the advent of the iOS 13 mobile operating system, which is set to enter play later this year.

There’s a little more complication with Android Auto, as the operating system’s intended in-car usage isn’t supported in Malaysia just yet; this will required Android users to sideload the app from external sources. Here, there are shortcut commands on-screen for music, navigation and phone functions, and as with its Apple counterpart, Android Auto is set to be updated soon for better usability.

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support across all variants of the latest Nissan X-Trail, this makes for improved accessibility to mobile services in the Japanese SUV. Do you already own the 2019 X-Trail and have been putting the systems to good use? Let us know in the comments section below with your experiences so far.