The Geely Boyue – the base for the Proton X70 – looks set to receive another facelift in China, albeit a more major one. Called the Geely Boyue Pro, the revisions involve not just the exterior and interior styling of the SUV, but also the onboard Geely Smart Ecosystem (GKUI) infotainment system.

On the outside, the Boyue Pro takes a few cues from Xingyue that was launched earlier in May, with smaller, jewel-eyed headlamps that flank a larger take on the company’s trademark “expanding cosmos” grille. The grille itself has also been pushed further forward, requiring an entirely new bonnet to be fitted with more prominent creases.

Also of note are the stronger haunches that are a direct result from the above-mentioned change, while the front apron is more angular this time around, and features an “A-wing” that separates the corner fog lamp sections from the wide lower intake.

Not a whole lot has changed along the sides, as we still see two character lines running through the door handles as well as just above them towards the rear. The top down view reveals a new roof spoiler design that looks to be inspired by the one fitted on the smaller Binyue.

At the rear, the taillight clusters have been mildly tweaked (for a 3D effect) to better link up with the vehicle’s lines, and they also receive updated lighting graphics within them. Like its newer siblings, the Boyue Pro ditches the company logo on the trim piece linking the clusters, opting instead for a “Geely” script.

Moving inside, the Boyue Pro’s cabin is immediately distinguished from a regular Boyue, with a more contemporary feel to things. From the driver’s seat, there’s a flat-bottom steering wheel, and the instrument binnacle has been reshaped – with new visuals for the digital instrument cluster nestled within it.

The dashboard also adopts a two-tone look, where leather upholstery can be found placed beneath stylised trim. Sleeker air vents are also part of the new get-up, and the infotainment widescreen occupies a larger area, framed by silver trim.

The system linked to the screen is referred to as GKUI 19, which as you can see based on these early photos, offers a new interface that does resemble the home screen on the last iteration of BMW’s iDrive system (prior to it being replaced with BMW Operating System 7).

Telematics will be one of the features of the new GKUI system, with a dedicated smartwatch said to be offered with the vehicle that integrates vehicle, fitness, infotainment, communications and other functions.

Below the main screen is where you’ll find the switches for the climate control, followed by a revamped centre console. Once again, there’s some BMW-ness to things here, with the vehicle functions placed to the side of the new gear lever that has a button to place the car in park on the top.

Other items found in this area are the electronic parking brake switch and a rotary dial that is used not to navigate through the infotainment system (touch is used instead), but to cycle through the available drive modes. The current Boyue’s grab handles and sliding cover for the cupholders are all retained. A Bose sound system has been added, replacing the current Morel setup (we get Kenwood-branded speakers).

In terms of engines, the 1.8 litre turbocharged four-cylinder will be given an update to meet new emission standards, and it will be joined by a 1.5 litre turbo three-pot (likely from the Binyue and Xingyue) – the latter being co-developed with Volvo. A seven-speed dual-clutch and six-speed manual are the available transmissions.

According to Geely, the Boyue Pro isn’t meant to replace the current model but will instead be sold alongside it. This hints of a possible price premium to go with the “Pro” suffix and the new technologies onboard, marking it out as a more upscale offering.

From a Malaysian context, it isn’t certain if the locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X70 will be based on the Boyue Pro when it finally gets launched. We were told to expect some local “surprises”, so we’ll have to wait and see what Proton has in store for us.

For now, what do you think of the new Boyue Pro? Do you prefer the new styling over the current model? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

GALLERY: 2018 Geely Boyue 1.8L TGDi facelift