Alongside the introduction of the Hilux 2.8 Black Edition earlier today, UMW Toyota also announced some minor upgrades for the Toyota Fortuner SUV and Innova MPV, with both vehicles getting a new infotainment system. The Fortuner 2.7 SRZ and 2.4 VRZ variants now come with an infotainment system featuring a 9.0-inch touchscreen display and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay support.

While there is no change in the price of the Fortuner 2.7 SRZ AT 4×4 and 2.4 VRZ AT 4×4, that for the 2.4 AT 4×4 has been increased slightly, the variant now priced at RM171,500 on-the-road without insurance, a RM2,000 hike from the previous RM169,500 when SST pricing was announced last September.

The Fortuner line-up also looks to have been reduced from four variants to three, with the Fortuner 2.4 VRZ AT 4×2 missing from the updated price list.

The Innova 2.0 X and 2.0 G variants also get the same infotainment system as the Fortuner, so that adds on a 9.0 inch touchscreen and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay connectivity. The current Innova range is rounded off by the 2.0 E automatic, with the 2.0 E manual missing from the updated line-up.

There are no price changes for the Innova, which continues as that from when the company’s SST inclusive price list was annouced last year.