Perodua sold record 240,341 cars in 2019, 40% market share – Myvi remains bestseller, flat target for 2020

Perodua far exceeded its own expectations last year, as the national carmaker announced during its full-year review today that it sold a record 240,341 vehicles in 2019. That’s a significant increase over its 235,000 unit target – itself up from the 231,000 units it set for itself at the beginning of the year – and represents a 5.8% jump over the 227,243 cars that found homes in 2018.

The company also increased its market share from 38% to nearly 40%, against an estimated total industry volume (TIV) of 604,775 units. All its models are said to be leading their respective segments, with the Aruz being Malaysia’s bestselling SUV with 30,115 units sold since it was launched early last year. The Myvi continues to be Perodua’s most popular model, followed by the Axia and Bezza.

Despite the gangbuster performance, Perodua is being cautious in 2020 due to what it expects to be a competitive year and a particularly challenging first half, targeting essentially flat sales of around 240,000 units. However, it expects to increase production by 4%, from 244,400 units in 2019 to 254,000, in order to cater for growing exports and to increase stock for 2021.

Perodua sold record 240,341 cars in 2019, 40% market share – Myvi remains bestseller, flat target for 2020

“We foresee a challenging first half of 2020 as we focus on fulfilling existing bookings. We will evaluate the market situation in the second half while building up our inventory so that we are ready to take advantage of the market if it improves,” said president and CEO Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad, adding that Perodua is also expected to spend RM6 billion to purchase local components this year, up from RM5.4 billion.

As for aftersales, the company serviced 2.35 million cars in 2019 across its 186 service centres nationwide, up 8.3% compared to its 2.17 million unit throughput in 2018. Zainal said that Perodua is working with its dealers to upgrade and invest in their facilities, in order to serve its customers better.

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