The next-generation Range Rover Sport has commenced road testing, here seen running cold weather trials. The heavy camouflage indicates that the luxury SUV has quite a distance to go before it is ready for debut, though an official unveiling is estimated for the end of 2021 or early in 2022.

The forthcoming Range Rover Sport, like the next full-sized Range Rover, will be built upon Jaguar Land Rover’s MLA platform that will first underpin the next Jaguar XJ. and this architecture will accommodate petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully electric powertrains.

These should include the current range of inline-six petrol engines, possibly along with a a BMW-sourced V8 engine for the higher performance versions. The development vehicle here wears quad exhaust tailpipes, and with ‘a really nice sound’ observed by our spy photographers, this unit could feature the V8 engine.

The battery-electric versions of the forthcoming Range Rover Sport could feature battery packs with capacities approaching the 90 kWh expected to go into the EV version of the fifth-generation Range Rover, and like its big brother, use electric drive components resulting from collaborative work between Jaguar Land Rover and BMW.

Development of these electric drivetrains are based on progressing BMW’s fifth-generation, or Gen 5 technology, and this new family of EV powertrains can be installed in front- or rear-wheel-drive-based platforms, the latter being the application for the Range Rover Sport.

Behind the camouflage is likely to be a blend of Velar and current Range Rover Sport styling, though specific design cues are hidden for the time being; more developments for the next-generation Range Rover Sport can be expected in the coming months.