It looks like there may be more exciting news for Volvo fans. At the grand opening of the new Sime Darby Swedish Auto 3S Centre earlier today, Volvo Car Malaysia managing director, Nalin Jain revealed that the company has plans to introduce the XC40 Recharge, which is a full electric version of its compact SUV.

To refresh your memory, the XC40 Recharge is a pure electric crossover that weighs up to 2,250 kg. The weight gain is due to fitment of a large 78 kWh lithium-ion battery (about 500 kg), offering a driving range of about 400 km. In its most potent tune, the P8 AWD electric powertrain produces 408 PS (or 300 kW) and 660 Nm of torque, thanks to two electric motors (one on each axle). The 0-100 km/h sprint is done in 4.9 seconds, and top speed is 180 km/h. Also, find out how the Tesla Model 3 influenced the XC40 Recharge, here.

Volvo believes that the future is electric, and the move to introduce the XC40 Recharge in Malaysia, in the grand scheme of things, falls in line with Volvo Car’s global aspirations to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. In fact, the automaker’s commitment will see sweeping changes done to its supply chain and manufacturing facilities, all of which will collectively and gradually reduce carbon footprint. Volvo’s engine plant in Sweden has already been carbon-neutral since January 2018.

It doesn’t just stop there. Nalin even said that all Volvo dealerships in Malaysia are doing away with one-use plastics and printed brochures, favouring the use of tablets (Volvo calls it the Digital Silent Salesman) and reusable crockery instead. “Sustainability starts with us,” he said, adding that the Swedish Auto staff had gone as far as to clear strewn trash around the Sime Darby Motors City complex.

Meanwhile, when asked if there are plans to introduce the Polestar brand in Malaysia, Nalin said there are ongoing discussions but nothing is concrete for the time being. For the uninitiated, Polestar was fully acquired by Volvo in 2015 with the aim of turning it into an in-house performance division, but parted ways two years later.

Polestar then became a separately-branded company that is jointly owned by Volvo Car Group and parent company Geely, focusing on electrified high-performance cars. In the same year as the break-up, it introduced the Polestar 1, which is a high-performance plug-in hybrid coupe producing 600 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque.

If the brand does get represented in Malaysia, the likelier car to go on sale would be the Polestar 2. It’s basically the production version of the Volvo 40.2 concept from 2016, albeit designed exclusively to be a pure electric vehicle, rivalling the likes of the Tesla Model 3.

Think of it as the XC40 Recharge’s twin sibling. It rides on the same Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) underpinnings, features dual electric motors, has the same 408 PS, 660 Nm output, and shares the same 78 kWh lithium-ion battery. A vegan interior is standard, with options including fabric and a new Weave Tech material inspired by diving wetsuits. In case you forgot, they weren’t kidding about being environmentally friendly. Now, what do you think of this?

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