Datsun has announced its departure from the Indonesia market, as parent brand Nissan has called an end to manufacturing in the country amid struggles to improve profitability, Kompas reported. This is a natural step as the automaker had already closed the second of two assembly plants in Indonesia, effectively ending production in the country.

“The end of vehicle production is part of an optimisation plan that includes right-sizing, production optimisation and reorgansing of business operations,” said president of Nissan Indonesia Isao Sekiguchi earlier this month.

Deeper cuts are probably necessary to turn the automaker around, Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida had warned, as profits are low and more than 12,500 will be terminated. “Nissan has been trying to shut its factory in Indonesia for quite some time. The impact on its sales in Indonesia should be minimal,” said RHB Sekuritas Indonesia analyst Andrey Wijaya.

The Datsun Cross made its debut in Indonesia in January 2018.

In 2014, Nissan opened a factory in Purwakarta, Indonesia to augment its existing production volume to a total of 260,000 a year, according to Bloomberg, and the plant produced three models – the Datsun Go, Go+ and the Datsun Cross, until production was halted in January, according to the report. Prior to this, Nissan had closed its Karawang plant, which now meant the discontinuation of Nissan vehicles in the country.

Despite the halting of production, Nissan Indonesia will continue to sustain the brand’s presence in the country with the introduction of new models. “We will continue to work with our Alliance partners on ensuring manufacturing footprint in Indonesia and further enhance the Nissan brand by bringing in new models,” Sekiguchi said in his statement.

This will also be supported by existing warranty programmes for vehicles already sold, as well as the supply of spare parts for models for 10 years after production of each model has been halted, Nissan Indonesia head of communications Hana Maharani said, who also added that Datsun owners can continue to have routine maintenance carried out at Nissan service centres in the country.