McLaren has revealed that it will be unveiling its first mainstream hybrid car later this year, and according to Autocar, sources say the new debutant will be positioned at the lower end of the model range, possibly within the Sports Series stable.

As previously reported, the automaker will deploy its electrified twin-turbocharged V6 engine, with company CEO Mike Flewitt saying that he’s excited at the possibilities of using electrical power to boost performance and reduce emissions.

“We have experience of hybrid systems with cars like the P1, P1 GTR, and Speedtail, and that recipe of offering a car that can be both truly economical and thrilling to drive remains our goal. McLaren is all about building the best driver’s cars, and we see opportunities with hybrid [powertrains], in terms of the instant torque and filling the gaps in the powerband,” Flewitt said.

Hybrid powertrains often weigh more, and McLaren says its electrified cars will weigh an average of 32 kg more. However, its engineers have apparently overcome the hurdle, but whether or not this raises the car’s price tag remains to be seen.

Not that it’s a problem, because as McLaren COO Jens Ludmann puts it: “We’re fortunate that we’re not so constrained by building to a price. Our customers want the best, so that’s what we obsess over.” The PHEV system will also offer a pure electric driving range of up to 32 km, and every model will be electrified within the next four years.

The hybrid system for the V6 will also be compatible with the brand’s famous turbocharged V8 engines, which means future Ultimate Series models will only become more potent.