The Lexus LC is one of our favourite cars, offering a compelling blend of exotic looks, intoxicating V8 noises and performance and finely tuned dynamics. However, that hasn’t stopped Toyota’s luxury division from tinkering with it, and the 2021 coupé – which joins the new convertible model – is supposedly even better.

Many of the tweaks centre around the chassis, with an eye on reducing weight. To that end, the 2021 LC sports new aluminium lower suspension arms, a hollow anti-roll bar with a revised diameter, a new high-strength coil spring material and lighter rear wheels for the 21-inch wheel option. Altogether, the changes result in a 10 kg saving, which doesn’t sound like much until you realise that most of it is unsprung weight.

To capitalise on the added agility and precision that brings, Lexus lengthened the stroke of the adaptive front dampers and optimised the rigidity of the bump stops to create a smoother overall suspension stroke. The rear anti-roll bar is also stiffer to help the car turn in better and provide more linear steering input. The stability control system also now features Active Cornering Assist (ACA), a form of torque vectoring by braking.

Also retuned are the transmissions on offer. The LC 500’s 10-speed automatic – paired to the same 470 hp/540 Nm 5.0 litre naturally-aspirated V8 as before – holds onto a gear for longer when the throttle is in the “active zone” (between 50 and 70%) before shifting up, enhancing the feeling of acceleration.

As for the LC 500h, the Multi Stage Hybrid drivetrain, which combines the electric motor with a four-speed automatic to simulate the feel of a 10-speeder, now downshifts to second instead of third. This aids the car’s smoothness and improves acceleration coming out of hairpins. The 294 hp/348 Nm 3.5 litre V6, contributing to the total system output of 354 hp, remains unchanged.

Elsewhere, there are very few revisions, the stunningly edgy design thankfully left untouched. On the outside, the only change is to the colour palette, with the introduction of Cadmium Orange paint from the NX and UX. Nori Green Pearl, shown on last year’s limited edition Inspiration Series, also makes a welcome appearance in the standard range of hues.

Inside, Circuit Red leather replaces the previous Rioja Red option, and the gorgeous Bespoke White colour scheme has unfortunately been discontinued. The Remote Touch interface also finally gets Android Auto connectivity, joining the already-standard Apple CarPlay in the United States.